Extending the reach of Ultrasound of UBM
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Angle Closed Sulcus.jpg
Anterior Chamber Membrane.jpg

Cilliary Body Cyst with Cursor Line.jpg
Cilliary Body Detachment.jpg
Cilliary Body Melanoma 1.jpg
Cilliary Body Melanoma 2.jpg
Cilliary Body Melanoma 3.jpg

ClearScan with Probe Adapter 1.jpg
ClearScan with Probe Adapter 2.jpg

Cyst & A-scan.jpg
Cyst 50MHz & 25 MHz.jpg
Cysts Displacing IOL.jpg
Cysts Large.jpg
Cysts Multiple .jpg

Descemet Detachment & Tube Shunt.jpg

Echogram 15MHz Posterior of Limbus.jpg
Echogram 15MHz with PC.jpg
Endothelium Defect.jpg

Glaucoma-Narrow Angle Temporal.jpg
Glaucoma-Narrow Angle.jpg
Glaucoma-Plateau Iris.jpg
Glaucoma-Tube blocked.jpg


IOL Dislocated.jpg
IOL Haptic Touching Ciliary Body.jpg
IOL in Place vs IOL Dislocated Forward.jpg
IOL with Fibrin & Debris.jpg

Iris Melanoma 1.jpg
Iris Melanoma 2.jpg
Iris Trauma.jpg

Lesion Nose.jpg
Lesion Upper Lid.jpg

Phacomorphic Lens Closing Angle.jpg
Phacomorphic Lens.jpg

Probe Orientation.jpg
Punctal Plugs in Lachrymal System.jpg
Retinal Tear.jpg
Scleral Spur Location Method 1.jpg
Scleral Spur Location Method 2.jpg