EyeFix™ is a disposable instrument for use in any non-intraocular procedure in which the eye needs to be securely immobilized and the treatment area isolated from all fluids. This includes LASIK, LASEK, PRK and AK. The inexpensive, disposable and easy-to-use instrument comfortably positions and fixates the eye. EyeFix™ consists of a luminescent limbal vacuum ring with a flexible seal and a 3cc spring-loaded syringe for supplying low vacuum. A detachable axis marker, which fits inside the suction ring, is available.

The EyeFix™ System can be used in:

Foreign Body Removal

Refractive Surgery: LASIK

After the flap is made, the suction ring is placed on the eye and the syringe plunger released. The syringe serves as the instrument handle allowing the eye to be fixated. The flap can then be draped over the ring, away from all fluids. The limbal vacuum ring immediately stops any neovascular bleeding and functions as an effective dam, eliminating tear film and Meibomian debris from entering the ablation zone.

EyeFix™ Advantages:

Immediately Stops All Bleeding of Limbal Vessels
Stops Eye Drift
Prevents Cyclotorsion
Vacuum Ring Protects Ablation Zone from Fluids and Debris
Corneal Flap Remains Clean and Away from Fluids
Eliminates Involuntary Eye Movement
Simplifies Alignment of the Patient's Eye
Instrument is easy to use
EyeFix™ is supplied sterile and disposable

Astigmatic ring available for marking axis of astigmatism.

Please contact ESI, Inc. for pre-production clinical trial instruments.