ClearScan® Probe Cover

ClearScan® is an innovative single use ultrasound probe cover which eliminates the difficulties and problems of the shell and gel system. The ClearScan® consists of an extremely thin film that is acoustically invisible, resulting in the same distortion free ultrasound image as with the shell/gel technique, but without the discomfort. The ClearScan® conical shape enables the examiner to safely scan all eye quadrants without causing a corneal abrasion. To view ClearScan® video and examination tips, visit our YouTube channel. Clinical UBM images, videos, and Video script (PDF file) are also available in our library.


Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy or UBM is a useful diagnostic tool with diverse clinical applications for visualizing subtle detail in the anterior segment. When an UBM exam is combined with the ClearScan, a single-use conical shaped probe cover , the anterior segment, sclera, eye lid, as well as lachrymal anatomy are easily examined. The FDA certified ClearScan cover makes the shell and gel technique obsolete and overcomes limitations related to sterility, safety, exam procedure and patient comfort.

Enhanced imaging leads to better treatment decisions
UBM with ClearScan is essential in the glaucoma examination for imaging the angle, scleral spur, iris. structures behind the iris, such as the ciliary body, and the lens. Delineation of posterior structures are not possible with coherent light technology. Additionally, UBM with ClearScan is invaluable for sulcus-to-sulcus imaging as well as determining the presence of synechia, cysts, clefts, retinoschisis and melanomas that invaded the ciliary body.


Open Shell Disadvantages
Open Shell not FDA certified
Probe and Open Shell sterility issues
Patient discomfort and safety

Methodology Concerns
Patient must be in reclined position
Ultrasound gel often required resulting in patient discomfort
Shell placement causes patient discomfort and anxiety
Cannot examine all eye quadrants without shell contacting the cornea
Potential for corneal abrasions
Corneal distortion and tenting caused by pressure applied from open shell

The ClearScan® Cover for Ultrasonic Biomicroscopy (UBM) and other ultrasound exams simplifies the examination for the examiner and patient.

Can readily examine all quadrants of the eye
Patient prefer the comfort of ClearScan® (see article in PDF file format)
Safer - no shell hard edge causing corneal abrasion
Safer - ClearScan® prevents probe tip from contacting the cornea
Overcomes near field artifact
Sterile probe cover eliminates the transfer of micro-organisms between patients
The ClearScan® cover is spread evenly over the eye surface resulting in no alteration of the cornea surface (unless low IOP)
Internal bag pressure can be easily reduced for eyes with low IOP
Examine delicate structures following recent surgery
Examine young children
Simple exam setup, approximately 30 seconds
Non-ophthalmic applications
Compatible with both open and sealed probes
Adapters for smaller diameter probes available

Extending the reach of Ultrasound of UBM
Clinical Applications
Video Library

Picture Library
Ultrasound Biomicroscopy & Glaucoma Care
Ike Ahmed, M.D., FRCSC, David R. Hardten, M.D., FACS, Roxanne Ursea, M.D.
Ophthalmology Management: January Issue

UBM Exam Methodology
By Thomas C. Prager, PhD, MPH